Post shooting interview

February 28, 2019

We don't always plan what's next but preparing for the future in key to self-protection. Part of what I have the pleasure of doing is to help other to be better prepared than they were yesterday. One way I do that is by training them in firearms (Safety, usage, accuracy, proficiency, etc). In this case Luscious Lynne and I had just left the range when I asked her if she would help me test out a new microphone rig that would more effectively allow me to use my phone for impromptu interviews. There is of course more to the story than that, which is why I'm posting this interview.

The Lost Episode: Jared Easley Interview

February 25, 2019

My first ever interview... lost for 4 years! This is an interview with Jared Easley, host of the Starve The Doubts podcast and founder of the Podcast Movement Conference. We talk about child safety and how with only one second of free time, and proper training, a child can become safe from an abductor.

Interview with a new friend - Domestic Violence Sur-Thriver

February 24, 2019

This episode is an interview with a new friend of mine. She shares about an abusive relationship she was in, how she survived, and things may help you help others or yourself.

Bathroom Remodel and the Bobble head doll

February 22, 2019

Recently we had to remodel our bathroom. One day I was talking with one of the subcontractors and he started telling me a story about his roommate and their neighbor. It is a humorous story of failed self-protection. Admittedly it's humorous because it wasn't us...  

Rena Romano - Sur-Thriver of a life of horror

October 25, 2018

Rena Romano is a sur-thriver! Her life story will touch many hearts and encourage even more. Please listen all the way to the end to hear the most important part... the material that ties together everything that she shares.

A Highlander’s facts of life

October 21, 2018

Truth about self-defense in the United Kingdom, Canada and the USA. I took a trip, 5000 miles, to and around the United Kingdom. While in the Highlands of Scotland I was talking with a genuine Highlander. We spoke of several things and then settled into a conversation on Self-Defense. The overlap between what he says about his country and ours is amazing... and troubling.

I hope you find this episode enlightening. Please leave me a comment/review.

Being outside in the sunshine

July 18, 2018

I went outside and ...

We Forgot

July 15, 2018

While talking to the parent of one of my students, I realized I had forgotten an important lesson. I suspect that others in the firearms community have (or had, from time to time), forgotten this lesson... so here is an important reminder.

A stories from the trenches

May 9, 2018

A couple stories from a man's life... A man who survived WWII and years in law enforcement. These are stories of Kelly McCann's Grandfather, a Marine.

Kelly McCann, Bruce Lee, and me

May 6, 2018

Kelly McCann wrote a great book on Street Level self defense. In his book he shares some quotes of Bruce Lee. I think there is much to learn from both men. This episode is some of that material and some of what I've learned and realized and share with you, as a result of my experience and what these men have shared.